Cameron Crockett

Self driven senior software engineer with more than 15 years experience in the full development lifecycle, with 6 of those years developing highly available web based applications.
C# / Ruby / Java
Ruby on Rails / Node.js / Stimulus JS / React JS / Ember JS
HTML / JavaScript / CSS / SASS
Postgres / MS SQL Server / ElasticSearch / Redis
Cloud services (Google, AWS) / Git / GitLab / CI/CD
Jasmine / Protractor / QUnit
Professional Experience:
8/19 - Present
Senior Software Engineer,
Austin, TX
  • Wrote components in JavaScript/HTML utilizing the Ember JS framework
  • Worked with our design team to update CSS to match their design specs
  • Create JavaScript component and unit tests using Ember Mirage and QUnit
  • Mentoring of junior engineers and interns
  • Created docker compose file to help ramp up new developers faster
  • Provide feedback for other engineers' code through Github code review process
  • Active participant in sprint planning, demo, story estimation and test parties
  • Analyze Circle CI builds to fix build issues
  • Create new Web API functionality and endpoints in Ruby on Rails backend
  • Write complex sql queries for finding latest targetable job profile using active record
  • Utilize views in Postgresql for joining complex data tables
  • Performed software release duties as part of a team rotation
10/15 - 8/19
Lead Software Engineer,
ABCorp - CCS,
Dallas, TX - Remote
  • Automated cross platform software release script with a Ruby utilizing our GitLab CI/CD server
  • Developed Omniauth-Keycloak ruby gem for integrating Keycloak (Open Source at GitHub)
  • Created internal web application with Ruby on Rails for generating billing reports
  • Developed scripts to automate deployment of test environment to NodeJS Express web server
  • Participated in the full development lifecycle of our web based solution for issuing plastic cards, from initial design phase to current deployments in cloud and on-premise
  • Architected RESTful API backend solution using C# .NET WebAPI, MS SQL Server database and AngularJS front-end
  • Worked with QA team, to provide JavaScript wrapper API around Jasmine and Protractor frameworks for automated system test
  • Setup Kibana and Filebeat to inject test environment logs for further analysis of QA issues
  • Secured application with JSON web token issued from an OpenID provider setup in Keycloak (a RedHat Product)
  • Mentoring of junior engineers and on-boarding of new engineers (QA and Development)
  • Developed application plugins utilizing SOAP, TCP/IP and REST APIs for our software to interface with third party bank servers
  • Provide support and bug fixes for a third party Tomcat deployed Java application that interfaces to our solution's REST API
04/15 - 10/15
Senior Software Engineer,
OnPrem Solution Partners LLC,
Austin, TX
  • Designed application using Drop Wizard library to sync data between third party asset management system and OTMM 10.5
  • Developed a Java application to sync data from third party asset management system to OTMM 10.5 using OTMM’s bulk import tool
  • Provided support and examples to third party vendors to create assets, update assets and create sessions using OpenText’s REST API
  • Developed a Java application for proof of concept to create jobs, upload assets and return asset file path using OpenText’s REST API
03/11 - 04/15
Senior Software Engineer,
Ruby Lane Inc,
San Francisco, CA - Remote
  • Maintain Ruby Lane's highly available websites which includes fixing bugs in TCL, debugging network issues and creating new features
  • Designed and developed javascript image uploader to allow customers to directly upload images to Amazon S3
  • Designed and developed an image processor backend system using Amazon SQS for a highly available and scalable system to process customer uploaded images
  • Developed internal tools using Grunt JS for running tests, reloading modules and building css files using LESS
  • Developed oAuth2 and Google content API - shopping module for legacy system
  • Executed complete development life cycle for new REST API in Ruby on Rails for use with mobile applications
  • Implemented Capistrano deployment for Ruby Lane web application, replacing an old legacy deployment
  • Migrated javascript code to use require.js library resulting in a 20% speed increase in loading time
  • Perform release engineer duties including code freezes, testing and releasing code to production
  • Mentor and perform on boarding process for new hires including technical interviews for new candidates
  • Wrote ruby scripts to help migrate data and backup data from legacy IBM database to MySQL
08/09 - 1/11
Integrated Bank Technology,
Cedar Park, TX
  • Assisted customers with setting up and customizing IBT's enterprise banking software
  • Performed analysis on embedded T-SQL command performance and refactoring them to make them up to 5 times faster
  • Developed a C# module to provide security integration between Windows Active Directory and IBT's software
  • Created a WPF application for analyzing and printing statements
  • Tested, debugged and wrote perl script for image upload via SFTP on embedded linux project
08/08 - 08/09
Software Engineer,
Austin, TX
  • Worked on a large team to assist customers with troubleshooting and debugging Lotus Domino problems
  • Created customer problem reports and collaborate with development team to fix critical bugs in the software
  • Wrote and published technical documentation on Lotus Domino
  • Worked closely with other support teams to assist customers with problems in other functional areas
  • Created test scripts and possible minor bug fixes using LotusScript
09/07 - 08/08
Associate Technical Advisor,
Custom Card Systems Inc,
Dallas, TX
  • Assisted customers with resolutions to hardware & software problems
  • Provided network, database and software solutions to financial institutions
  • Performed testing and root cause analysis of problems in software
  • Integrated Microsoft SQL Server with proprietary financial software
  • Developed a web based customer tracking and ticketing system in PHP with a MySQL backend
8/06 - 08/07
Software Developer - Contract,
Custom Card Systems Inc,
Dallas, TX
  • Performed software requirements analysis
  • Created GUI based software in C# using .NET framework to replace the current DOS based software
  • Built MS Windows DLLs in C to access device print drivers
  • Connected to a variety of database types using ODBC drivers and XML configuration files
7/03 - 8/06
Software Engineer,
DemoTeller Systems Inc,
Euless, TX
  • Fixed critical bugs and added new features to client/server software using Visual Basic
  • Created ActiveX DLLs in Visual Basic to allow network connections from third party applications
  • Programmed new software for financial hardware using C and assembly language
  • Worked with a team of programmers to develop ATM monitoring software using C# .NET 2.0
The University of Texas at Arlington, August 2008
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering - Minor in Mathematics